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What Is The 'Couple Bubble'?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

And How It Can Save Your Relationship...

As relationship theories go, the Couple Bubble is one of the best. It creates a safe space for your relationship to grow and thrive, but it might be something that you've never even heard of!

Here's what it is and how it can work to strengthen( or save!) your relationship.

What Is The 'Couple Bubble'?

The Couple Bubble can go by many names, but basically, it is the comfy, protective bubble around your relationship. It means what happens in the bubble, stays in the bubble. And what happens outside of the bubble, stays there too.

Two's company but three's a crowd, and nowhere is that more prevalent, than in the inner workings of a relationship. What goes on behind closed doors, should stay there. Unfortunately, that is not always how it goes.

Well-meaning friends and family members can sometimes get way too involved in our personal relationships. They can offer unsolicited, unfounded, or even ill-intentioned advice that can end up hurting our partner or tanking our relationship. Not all advice is necessarily "good advice", even if comes from a trusted source.

Advice that works for one couple and marriage, doesn't always work for another. That is because each couple and each relationship is unique. So it is up to the two of you, to figure out what works best for you. Preferably, within the privacy of your relationship.

Why It Works

Information is power as they say, and you do not ultimately want anyone having power over your relationship, but the two of you. So bursting the Couple Bubble and sharing intimate details of your partner and relationship with the outside world, can not only cause trust issues, but it can also give the outside world, a managing stake in your relationship. How so? Because they are running the show. They are giving advice, making judgment calls, and determining outcomes.

Also as much as we may trust a parent or friend, all advice is not good advice, and not all people are well-intentioned. People have all kinds of motives and motivations for things and not all of them include your(or your partner's) best interests.

Even if it is well-intentioned, "good" advice, keep in mind what works for some couples isn't what works for all couples. It may simply not be the best fit for you and your partner. Also, let's be real, sometimes people just have genuinely bad advice, even if it's well-intentioned.

Your relationship should be your safe space. The place where you can be honest, open, and vulnerable, without the harsh criticism or prying eyes of the outside world. If you know there is a hole in your Couple Bubble and information is being leaked, then it could cause you and your partner, to be less honest or open with each other. It can lead to feelings of resentment and distrust, two things that are quick and effective relationship enders. Not a good look.

To Sum It All Up...

Keeping the inner workings of your relationship within the safety of your relationships really is in the best interest of all. It keeps you and your partner's personal information safe, your connection strong, and the potentially unhelpful advice of others exactly where it belongs-- on the outside of your relationship.


You and your partner are the only ones in the your opinions are the most valid ones of all.

(Please note the Couple Bubble concept does not apply to a therapist or any hired, trained, and neutral outside advisor. These are actually a great alternative to friends or family members for those exact reasons: they are hired, trained, and neutral.)

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