Apologies I Never Got 

                                   It's A Long Story. 


 But more importantly, it's a true story. A story of a girl(me) who watched herself and others make some seriously hilarious, seriously cringe-worthy, and seriously avoidable mistakes in the dating and relationship world.

But you know what the worst one was? No, it wasn't the time I showed up at some dude's house on Christmas after he dumped me. No, it wasn't my friend who called a guys college pretending to be his mom to get his class schedule to see if he was in the same classes as a girl she thought he was cheating with and no it wasn't my friend who stayed in a relationship with a guy after he MARRIED someone else. Those are all pretty cringe. 

               The Biggest Mistake...

  The Worst...I mean the absolute worst mistake I or any of them made.. was not letting it go. Not learning to not only accept the apology we never got but to write it our damn selves. To ourselves. For ourselves. Because the truth is there are going to be a lot of apologies we never get, and we have to learn to move on without them. Because at the end of the day, ultimately, healing is our job. But luckily it's one we are very qualified for.


                                         The Mission....

Apologies I Never Got is a way for us to do that. So that's my mission. I am here to train you in the art of Apologism, the form of healing where you write your own damn apology, let go of the loser who never gave it to you, and learn the art of self-healing, forgiveness, and good lord a little laughter. 

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