Write Your Own Apology


The first step...write it out. Write your story. Whether it's long, short, awkward, funny, sad, or a mix of all of the above, it's yours.

                                  So write it out. 



Now It's time for STEP 2. Take that story, and from it, write the Apology that you never got. What are the things from your story that hurt you the most?


Was it something they did, said, or even something that they made you believe about yourself? Apologize on their behalf. 

Ex:  I'm sorry I never called you back after our first date 

Ex: I'm sorry I made you feel like you weren't attractive

Ex: I'm sorry I lied to you and cheated with your best friend 


            Finally, we've made it to Step 3. 



                            LET THAT SH*T GO

You've Done It. You've gotten the apology you never got, because you gave it to yourself.


So now it's time to let it all go: the resentments, the blame and the baggage


                                   You did it. 

                                 Great Work. 

It's Time To Live Your Best Life.
 And You Deserve It.