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Write Your Own Apology

It was the best of dates, no Wait! It was the worst of dates. Full of all the elements of love, hate, betrayal, and awkwardness that contribute to making our lives(and loves) more reminiscent of a Dickens novel than a romance one. 

Don't we all have that dating or relationship horror story, too shocking to be believed, yet is oh so tragically true? The event itself is usually bad enough but worse yet, they always seem to leave something behind. No, I'm not talking about the bill, or their dirty underwear(although maybe.) I'm talking about an apology. Unreceived and unresolved. 

Yet, it turns out that the apology we've been waiting on, we never needed in the first place. Why? Because we can write it ourselves! Apologies I Never Got teaches us how to write our own apologies for the ones we never got and use the emotional alchemy it offers, to turn our horror stories into happy endings.


We can take those apologies and spin them into the gold of

hilarity, healing, and ultimately forgiveness.  

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